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Central Queens Academy (CQA) Charter School’s Program – Closing the gap between potential and performance

CQA’s academic program is designed to meet the needs of a highly diverse student body. CQA has grounded this program in our core values and will implement our mission using research-based methods that have worked in other schools.  Moreover, our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the New York State Standards, and has been designed to make sure that students learn what they need to know in a rigorous and fun environment.

The central focus of our program is literacy. On a basic level, the number of words that a child knows is an indicator of that child’s potential for academic success. Research shows that students need an approximately 50,000-word vocabulary to succeed in high school. Students on average often learn at only a rate of about 3000 words per year without intervention. Students who live in poverty know approximately five times fewer words than students from wealthier families, and ELLs start out knowing even less. Our program will not only increase the number of words students use and learn, but will teach students that literacy matters. This won’t just help ELLs, but it will help all students develop the linguistic proficiency that they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

Our Core Values

  • Care for our Community
  • Quality of Character
  • Achievement through Academics

Our Methods

  • Whole school focus on literacy
  • High academic standards
  • Caring and competent teachers
  • More time for each lesson
  • Social and emotional counseling
  • Extended day
  • Enrichment to develop the whole student

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CQA is a tuition-free public charter middle school serving 400 students in grades 5-8. Our highly diverse school community and families reflect the extraordinary diversity of our home district, NYC School District 24, and traditional immigrant neighborhoods of Elmhurst, Woodside and Corona.CQA is the first charter school to serve the students and families of New York City’s “United Nations” district, Community School District 24, in Queens. CQA is one of the first charter schools to offer an admissions preference for English Language Learner students (ELLs).