About Central Queens Academy


 CQA Spring Gala – May 11, 2016 Save The Date!

 CQA will hold its Spring Gala on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at the Eventi Hotel at 851 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.  To purchase tickets, sponsor the event or make a donation, please go to: http://501auctions.com/CQAspringgala.


Learn about CQA from our stupendous scholars like Himanee, Anthony, Shanetta & their teachers! Watch “Embrace, Encourage, Empower” below.

Central Queens Academy Charter School (CQA) is a tuition-free public charter middle school that opened in fall 2012. CQA is the first charter school to serve the students and families of New York City’s “United Nations” district, Community School District 24, in Queens. Seeking to improve academic achievement for its diverse population, CQA is one of the first NYC charter schools to offer an enrollment priority (30%) for English Language Learners.

  • Small, tuition-free public charter middle school
  • Serving grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 in 2015-2016
  • College preparatory and career readiness focus
  • Priority for District 24 and English Language Learner students
  • Longer school day (8am-5pm), extended school year and afterschool programs

Our Data

This year, for the second consecutive year, CQA’s hardworking scholars exceeded their peers in all tested grades and subjects on the New York State Math and ELA Assessments. We’re proud of our scholars, teachers, Assistant Principals, counselors, and operations team for their efforts. Congratulations to our scholars and families!

CQA New York City New York State District 24
Grade 5 Math 62.5% 40.9% 42.7% 46.8%
Grade 6 Math 75.0% 35.5% 38.8% 38.6%
Grade 7 Math 51.6% 31.9% 34.8% 41.1%
Grade 5 ELA 37.5% 29.7% 29.7% 31.6%
Grade 6 ELA 55.0% 30.0% 30.6% 31.2%
Grade 7 ELA 43.2% 28.1% 29.2% 31.6%

Our Program

CQA fosters scholastic achievement in a small school setting. Our program centers on literacy as a lever for academic learning to instill our students with skills for success in school and in life.

  • Small learning environment
  • Focus on literacy as lever for school and life success
  • High quality pedagogy and practice
  • Learning supports

Academic literacy across all subjects to succeed in school

  • Our curriculum introduces concrete examples / illustrations and real-life problem solving
  • We use a workshop-based reading and writing program to encourage students to be avid readers, writers and analytical thinkers
  • Our scholars have double periods (90 min) of English Language Arts (ELA) each day coordinate and integrate additional literacy assistance in other subject areas