About CQA

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Central Queens Academy Charter School (CQA) is a tuition-free public charter middle school that opened in fall 2012. CQA is the first charter school to serve the students and families of New York City’s “United Nations” district, Community School District 24, in Queens. Intentionally designed to improve academic achievement for recent immigrant and English Language Learner students (ELLs), CQA is one of the first NYC charter schools to offer an enrollment priority (30%) for ELLs.

  • Small, tuition-free public charter middle school
  • Serving grades 5, 6 and 7 in 2014-2015
  • College preparatory and career readiness focus
  • Priority for District 24 and English Language Learner students
  • Longer school day (8am-5pm), extended school year and afterschool programs

Our Data:

Central Queens Academy outperformed District 24, New York City, and New York State in 5th grade ELA, 5th grade mathematics, 6th grade ELA, and 6th grade mathematics on the 2014 New York State Assessments.

Proficiency Percentages–Spring 2014 New York State Assessments (ELA & math)
Central Queens Academy New York City New York State District 24
Grade 5 math 70.0 40.0 40.0 43
Grade 6 math 64.0 35.1 38.1 38
Grade 5 ELA 36.4 29.4 29.7 30
Grade 6 ELA 32.0 26.4 28.9 26

English Language Learner Students

CQA’s program is particularly tailored to improve outcomes for ELLs, one of NYC’s most at-risk and highest potential student populations.

  • Fewer than 1 in 2 (46.1%) NYC current ELLs graduate from high school, compared with the citywide average of 65.1% in 2010
  • ELLs are twice as likely to live in a low-income household than English-speaking households
  • Former ELLs outperform all students in NYC, having higher high school graduation rates than native English speakers

Our Program

CQA will foster scholastic achievement and character development in an inclusive, culturally responsive small school setting. Our program centers on literacy as a lever for both academic and social and emotional learning to instill our students with skills for success in school and in life.

  • Small learning environment
  • Focus on literacy as lever for school and life success
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy and practice
  • Social and emotional learning supports

Academic literacy across all subjects to succeed in school

  • Curriculum will introduce concrete examples / illustrations and real-life problem solving
  • Workshop-based reading and writing program will encourage students to be avid readers, writers and inquirers
  • Double periods (90 min) of English Language Arts (ELA) each day will be strategically scheduled to coordinate and integrate additional literacy assistance in other subject areas

Social and emotional literacy to develop life skills

  • Culturally responsive school-wide atmosphere will encourage communication, tolerance and respect
  • Advisory program will nurture positive adult relationships and communication
  • Integrated after school program will cultivate leadership qualities of self-confidence, critical thinking and teamwork