Our Approach

Whole School Focus on Literacy

CQA believes that literacy cannot be taught in a single class, but needs to be reinforced in every class to build on the blocks of understanding.

High Academic Standards

CQA believes that if you set the bar high and show students how to get there, they will show you that they are capable of achieving those high markers and more.

Caring and Competent Teachers

CQA’s teachers are the primary role models for how students should live, always striving to be better and always caring for the people around them.

More Time in School

CQA believes that more time spent well can make the difference for students who need more time to practice their academic skills and to develop their sense of selves.

Social and Emotional Learning

CQA understands that students need more than academic rigor in order to succeed; they need the fundamental skills that we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work, effectively and ethically.


CQA believes that students who receive enrichment will become more well-rounded and well-grounded, and will be invigorated to take on the challenges of academic achievement.